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iPhone 6 Defects: Bugs, Design Problems and More

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The iPhone6 profile issues

Since the unveiling of the iPhone6 last year, there has been an increasing number of issues that have come to fore from its customers. While some would let these little bits pass as part of the technology, there are others who have become vocal about their displeasure as to these small bits in the overall universe of the Iphone 6.

Issue 1: Operating System

The Iphone?s new fangled operating system, the iOS 8 was still in beta testing stage when the latest Apple phone was unveiled to the market. While it is still workable, there have been instances, annoying at best of non-functionality in the phone. These include getting stuck in landscape mode or the keyboard disappear altogether.

While there have been upgrades on the iOS8 to address these glitches through iOS 8.0.1 and later updates, the issues remain the same. These glitches affect and dampen the overall experience with the new Iphone.

Issue 2: Design

While the sleek aluminum design is very appealing to the eye, it is a problem for those with either small hands or sweaty palms. The aluminum makes the unit hard to grip and there have been instances that individuals have dropped their phone by just making a simple call. This is also an issue when the phone is placed in pockets or when used with just one hand. The casing makes the unit difficult to handle, which often results in the phone being dropped and damaged.

Issue 3: Durability

Compared to previous versions, the Iphone6 easily gets dinged up when dropped. This is most especially pronounced when the affected area involves the front facing camera. The most common result is the misalignment of the camera. Despite this though, the camera?s performance is unaffected despite being shifted slightly to the left.

The aluminum casing also is prone to be scratched and when the bending function is used, the ends of the casing are prone also to misalignment. While these may seem to be aesthetic issues, these still take away from the simplistic beauty of the Iphone design.

In the end, the Iphone 6 like most units of the brand, is a continuous work in progress. While these are just minor issues

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, the luster of the Apple brand and the Iphone technology dims a bit for a highly critical and savvy customer base.

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