iPhone 5se Leaked Pictures are Fake

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Last week a German message board leaked pictures of what seems to be the iPhone 5se. This made many Apple fans happy and excited to actually get their hands on the device. However, sad news for all of those who believed that hoax. Apparently, those pictures were fake! Yes, most of the pictures you see online of the iPhone 5se are genuinely fake (play of words intended). The picture of the unboxed iPhone 5se revealed last week are fake as hell.

Some people can tell the difference though, but some obviously couldn?t. Leaks are normal for products that are famous and in-demand. Obviously, some people like to troll people and give them false hopes, hence the leak. However, most leaks are shown at the earlier stages of factory production. Usually, you can see photos of prototype parts or swiped around by someone from the media. Not only that, you can see that the box in the picture is the same as the iPhone 6s. Apple rarely uses the same box in a product, even if they are the same size.

That didn?t stop most websites from using it though. This was leaked in countless websites claiming they are real and legit. Rumors of the smaller iPhone to replace the 5c are spreading like wildfire and is to be called the 5se. Apple hasn?t made any new announcements regarding the product and hasn?t confirmed any pictures as of the moment. So all we can do now is take in mind that most info we can see are questionable. Heck, even the name iPhone 5se isn?t even confirmed yet.

It is safe to assume however, that this device is practically an iPhone 5s with better specs. It will be powerful (not as powerful as the iPhone 7 obviously) enough to be considered a good Apple device. It will only sport 1GB of RAM and offer storage of up to 64GB only.

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