iPhone 5s’ Parenthood TV Ad, Apple’s Way To Improve Family Activities

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Apple has released its latest iPhone 5s TV ad commercial called Parenthood. It aired on the seventh anniversary of the iPhone?s launch in the U.S. It advertises the handset?s ability to come in handy for parents as an efficient parenting tool, as stated in MacStories.

Apple Insider underlined that the Sunday?s commercial is the first to evidently showcase so-called ?smart-home? hardware and apps together with two-health related products. This introduces the upcoming HomeKit and HealthKit features. Coming this fall in iOS 8, the HomeKit feature will allow ?iOS devices to become the central control in homes supported by automation. The HealthKit will also function in the same way as the HomeKit, but it will focus more on facilitating health and fitness devices.

The commercial showcased Withings Smart Baby Monitor, an iPhone product that helps you monitor your baby when the situation forbids you to do so. The spot also showed the Kinsa smartphone thermometer ?as the ?mother is monitoring the temperature of her kid, while another mother uses the Nike+ Running app on a stroller-mounted iPhone. iPhone apps My Teeth, Draw Animal, Pet Manager Pro, and Kinsa were also featured in the spot.

Apple?s advertisement shows a video baby monitor playing through the iPhone, kids learning how to brush their teeth, an animated animal placed in a drawing, navigating a lost dog, an ?iPhone used to automatically control the lights to not disturb a sleeping baby, fitness tracking, gardening tips, and the LED used as a flashlight to check what?s under the bed.

The ad ended with the tagline: ?You?re more powerful than you think??, emphasizing the capabilities of iPhone 5s and its wide span of network of apps and accessories. According to Matthew Panzarino, what he liked about Apple more than Android is that Apple strives to deliver not only improvement in its design, but both on its hardware and software. In addition, Panzarino cleared that the iPhone is not taking the role as a surrogate parent, hence the commercial shows things being done, and how the device can make things easier for you together with your presence.

Apple has been shining its light on apps and hardware that extend the capabilities of iOS through its latest TV ads. An ad in April showcased apps for music and video editing or making, while a spot earlier this month advertised fitness devices.

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