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iPhone 5S and iPad Air “Bricked” by Apple iOS 7.0.6 Update

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iPhone 5S and iPad Air “Bricked” by Apple iOS 7.0.6 Update


An update released by Apple to supposedly solve a vulnerability issue has caused more damage than good. The iOS 7.0.6 update, which was supposed to prevent hackers from stealing or modifying data protected by SSL / TLS, instead caused a number of Apple devices to be ?bricked?.


Bricked is described by the ?Urban Dictionary? as ? To render your computer useless, as useless as a brick….Usually the result of tampering with the insides and doing irreversible damage. Bricking your hardware leaves you with a new paperweight. Can be the end effect of a faulty flash or firmware update, a modification?(mod) gone bad or being struck by lighting, to name a few…(examples:)…. He managed to get his new iMac bricked while trying to boot WinXP on it…..I tried to change graphics cards while my computer was running but I only managed to get my machine bricked?.


The devices were allegedly bricked after performing the update or during the update process. Affected devices that were reported in Twitter and Apple forums are the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch. Those who reported problems indicated that they tried to perform the update while mobile and when their devices were bricked, the device either asked to be connected to iTunes or did not turn back on at all.

One user said that ? Updated my iPhone 5s to 7.0.6 and the phone won?t turn back on.?,

Another Apple device user added that ?Same problem here. 7.0.6 completely bricked my IPhone 5s. It won?t turn on or restore.?

A number of those who posted said that they managed to get into the recovery mode and perform a factory re-set to be able to get their iDevices working.


Some however were not so fortunate and flooded the forums and twitter feeds with angry statements.

Some tweets and chat entries published by the tech media said that ?I had the same thing happen last night, but I?m unable to restore. iTunes detects my phone? even though the serial number field says N/A. But, when I press Restore it gives me an iTunes Error #11 and stops.?


Another gave a dire warning by tweeting ? Warning: Apple iOS 7.0.6 bricked my device. Loses all data, requires iTunes cable. Common occurrence for others also. Do not install!?

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