iPhone 5C is Goes Through an Extreme Durability Test and It Is Tougher Than You Think

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iPhone 5C
iPhone 5C


iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C

It is a no brainer that iPhone 5C is much cheaper than its bigger brother iPhone 5S and the forthcoming iPhone 6. It doesn?t mean, however, that the quality is greatly diminished with its production. It actually is a minor overhaul from the older model, iPhone 5. Its chassis is made of plastic though which people claim to as ?cheap? hence dubbing it iPhone 5Cheap.

In reality, it?s not really a bad smartphone and it is certainly is not that cheap either. It is actually a good quality handset for people who came a bit short on budget and wanted an iPhone which is at least, better than iPhone 5. Many people question its durability because of the plastic chassis it has and some speculations even say that the $100 cut from 5S?s price did cost it a lot of quality sacrifices. Specs wise, this is true but in terms of toughness, people might have the wrong idea about it.

iPhone 5C is actually stronger and tougher than most people think. You can throw it away (literally) out of excitement once you get to try the latest iteration of iPhone 6 in six months and pick it up later to decide if you?ll keep it.


If you?ll watch this video by TechRax below, you can see a half-wrecked iPhone 5C which has been through a knife and drop test and survived. Unfortunately for this poor but strong iPhone, it will have to go through another durability assessment called ?Hammer Test?.

In the video, TechRax did try to smash the iPhone 5C off from hitting it with a huge hammer a couple of times. Few hits didn?t finish the iPhone so he resorted to hitting it harder and harder but the smartphone stayed alive. At some point though, some color distortion occurred on the screen and the touchscreen stopped functioning as well.


iPhone 6 is rumored that it will be water resistant and for people who already saw the video below, they might find it weird that iPhone 6 being water resistant needs to be a rumor at all.

TechRax did it again and this time, dipping the iPhone 5C underwater and not just dipping it, but also playing Infinity Blade while doing so. iPhone 5C didn?t die out though the responsiveness of the touch screen underwater acted erratic. It soon came back to normal when he removed the phone from the water.


As if ?dipping?it underwater is not enough, in the other video below, TechRax dipped the iPhone again underwater but this time, under BOILING water.

It lasted for about 30 seconds before the screen turned off. It didn?t die out for good because after removing it from the boiling water and trying to boot it up after a few minutes, it came back on like nothing happened at all. He tried to boot it up right away but it only showed a message that the iPhone 5C needs to cool down before it can be turned back on.

These videos showed that the iPhone 5C can withstand crazy amounts of UNREAL abuse and hopefully, we would also be able to see this same amount of sturdiness with the future release of iPhone 6.

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