iPhone 2017 Rumors Roundup: Apple to launch OLED iPhone 8 in limited quantities?

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iPhone 8 OLED display

Apple?s iPhone 7 disappointed many but for upcoming 2017, the Cupertino giant is bringing big iPhone 8 updates in line with their smartphone?s 10th anniversary celebrations. With the new year almost here, the internet is churning out rumors, speculations and leaks on the upcoming device.

The latest reports have it that Apple will launch a radical design iPhone 8 and two iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus for next year. While the enthusiasts are pretty much excited about the radical iPhone 8 launching next year, they will have a hard time grabbing the device.

iPhone 8 in Limited Quantities

Apple will manufacture the iPhone 8 in limited quantities if the latest set of speculations are to be believed. Apple?s revenues from iPhone has reduced drastically since last year. A?lot of users have already adopted the smartphone. The Cupertino based tech giant seeks to make in the losses with a premium phone made available in limited quantities.

Apple iPhone 8 Pro features

Apple iPhone 8

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The company will order only a limited number of iPhone 8 in order to make their device more premium. The strategy is similar to what many manufacturers do in order to increase demand and fuel sales.

In addition, it is stated that Apple?s all new 10nm chips are likely to be another cause of lower production of iPhone 8 units. TSMC has won the 10nm chip contract for iPhone 8 orders but the A11 processor is expected to be in short supply, reports BGR. It is set to make A11 processors that?ll follow the A10 Fusion and newer iPad Pro?s A10x chips.

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TSMC expects volume production of 10nm chips to begin in the first quarter of 2017. The rate yields don?t look good so far. This will likely impact Apple iPhone 8 plans as?in case of?shortage the company?will?resort back to older chipsets. The premium designed iPhone 8 will, however, be put on hold only for a minimum number of customers.

Plastic OLED Display

The OLED display for iPhone 8 has long been reported. The latest set of leaks, however, reveal a plastic OLED display instead of the glass screens Apple used earlier. The earlier iPhone models used LCD panels with Gorilla glass protection on the top. However, Apple’s next gen iPhone 8 will have an OLED with edge-to-edge curved display, according to reports.

Apple will also bump the display size to 5.8in but the overall device size will remain the same. This is due to the bezel less design that the company has planned for the iPhone 8. Apple supposedly will ditch the Home button and embed a new Touch ID fingerprint scanner into the display itself.

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The Edge to Edge display will even pave the way for Touch enabled sensors. The latest Apple patent revealed details about embedded touch sensors that will replace physical buttons. Apple could drop the current buttons to turn towards touch-enabled areas on the device.

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