iPad Pro Wish List.

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iPad Pro Wish List.


The iPad Pro Rumor is catching steam and a lot of people are sending in their ?hopes and wishes? on what the iPad Pro will eventually be.

Apple has, as usual, been silent on the rumors of a new iPad and what the focus on a new Apple tablet would be. With the iPad Air, Apple focused on the lightweight and slim design and how it made it a better tablet for consumers.

For the supposed iPad Pro (or iPad Air 2 or iPad 6), there seems no indication of what a new Apple tablet will bring.

The speculation on the name and concept of the ?iPad Pro? comes with the logic some analysts attribute to the MacBook product line. The ?Air? in the MacBook lineup focused on the sleekness and lightness while making it more affordable than the MacBook Pro which packed more features but cost a bit more.

So if we are to believe the rumors of a better iPad coming up soon, what should it contain?

From what we gathered here at The Bitbag, here are 3 of the top things most people want to see in the ?iPad Pro?.


1. A Bigger Display – If Apple kept its ears and eyes open in the last Mobile World Congress, it would have noticed that many of its competitors have used larger screens to attract more buyers. Since the iPad came out many years ago, Apple always held on to the belief that a 9.7 inch display is just perfect. Many Apple fans though have pushed for a larger screen than the 9.7 inch. Just like the MacBook, many consumers and tech pundits have suggested that a 10 inch, or even an 11 or 12 inch display would be viable for the iPad. There are even a few who wants Apple to push the limits and come up with a 13 inch display, making it an awesome device for watching videos, surfing the web, and as a work tool for small enterprises.


2. Features, features : Thunderbolt, Stylus support, Stronger CPU, etc…. – Many iPad users feel that if Apple will seriously tag the ?Pro? label on an iPad, then it should pack more ?Pro? features in it. Which means a lot more juice in processing that would rival a laptop or at least a netbook. A Thunderbolt port would also increase its functionality by making it ?connectable? with most displays, external storage drives and other accessories.

Stylus support? Why not?

Maybe it would help attract those who need a stylus for more accurate ?pointing?.


3. iOS and OSX Dual System ? This might be too much to ask. But, with Apple, we can never know for sure what is possible or not.

A dual boot system involving the OSX and iOS for a tablet would certainly be the most awesome thing that can happen to an iPad Pro and something that will leave their competitor biting the dust.

Imagine the functionality that the iPad Pro will be able to bring into the workplace or schools if this became a reality.

The mobility of a tablet with the power of a Mac.

Just a dream? Maybe.

But the existence of the iPad Pro itself is still something in the realm of imagination, so why not think of the impossible.

Dream on.

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