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iPad Pro Update: New 10.5-inch iPad Pro In The Works?

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9.7 inch iPad Pro

An analyst from KGI Securities have reported that Apple is planning on releasing another iPad Pro version next year. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple intends to launch a 10.5-inch iPad Pro that will complement the existing variants.

In a note to investors last Sunday, the analyst also said that until 2017, Apple will continue to follow the conservative hardware evolution for the iPad Pro. They will not be introducing any major improvements to the product line up. However, Kuo hinted that Apple will revolutionize the iPad Pro line the year after next. This might include a radical change in casing, flexible AMOLED display, and a more intuitive set of user interfaces.

Perhaps, the most intriguing part of this report is the supposed new tablet and its possible specifications. Although not mentioned in Kuo?s prediction, it would seem that the 10.5-inch variant?will be housed in the same form factor as the existing 9.7-inch version. Albeit sporting a much slimmer bezel and possibly a display-integrated home button. Also, rumor has it that it will carry the same processor as the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 – TSMC?s A10X chip.

With all these rumored specifications, it would seem that the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro will serve as a mid-range product in the iPad Pro line. This would also mean that the 9.7-inch version will be targeted for educational institutions and budget conscious consumers.

iPad Pro

What happens to the iPad Mini?

Although left unclear, experts believe that the introduction of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro might mean that Apple will discontinue the iPad Mini once and for all. Since Apple?s intention for the iPad Mini is to serve as the ?gateway product?, the 9.7-inch variant will then serve to pick up the slack.

Whether true or not, it seems that Apple is really thinking hard on how to garner consumer interest. With the declining number of iPad sales, they definitely need to be bolder than ever.

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