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iPad Pro Specs & Release Date: 12 inches with A9 Chipset?

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Apple?s upcoming iPad Pro is expected to be a feature-packed tablet aimed at professional users. (Pictured: iPad Air 2; Image courtesy of Apple)

At present, the iPad Air 2 is Apple?s cream of the crop in the tablet department. But that may soon change as the Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to launch a new device, rumored to be the iPad Pro, with an ultra-high definition display and a powerful processor.

Stereo speakers

A recent leaked image of the purported iPad Pro seem to suggest that the company indeed have significant plans for its upcoming slate. The photo shows the device with speaker cutouts at both its top and bottom. This is in line with previous rumors about the tablet coming with four speakers that would possibly make it ?capable of stereo sound.? Check out the leaked photo here.

Bigger display, stylus

Tech sites report varying speculations regarding the precise display size of the iPad Pro. Some have tipped that this iPad model will sport a 12.3-inch screen, others are saying that it?s slightly larger at 12.9 inches. Either way, Pocket Gamer cites sources that the upcoming slate will be coming with 4K display resolution. The iPad Air 2 currently boasts of a 2K display (2,048 x 1,536), if this is accurate then the iPad Pro?s resolution will be increased to 4,096 . 3,072.

Another interesting feature associated with this bigger display notion is that the device will likely be coupled with a stylus. As implied by its name, the iPad Pro will be aimed primarily at professional and business users. An S Pen-like stylus is a welcome change for that consumer segment should Apple finally decide to ship the unannounced iPad model with it.

A9 processor

The current generation iPad Air 2 is powered by the tech giant?s proprietary A8X chipset. However, a Japanese magazine reports that Apple may be planning to jump to the next version and pack the iPad Pro with a more powerful A9 processor. A more exciting speculation is that the company may back this processor with a massive 4GB worth of RAM–double the amount of memory that is featured in the iPad Air 2

Release date

Having tackled all of those rumored specs, perhaps the bigger question will still be ?When will it come out?? Naturally, Apple has not mentioned anything about this but several sources suggest that it will definitely be released at some point during this year.

Months ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple?s supply chain for the iPad Pro is already prepared and is suited to launch the device before the previous year ends. However, their efforts were reportedly directed too much for the release of the iPhone 6 resulting to the postponement of the said iPad?s launch. If true, this would mean that Apple is essentially all set to unveil the iPad Pro and is just waiting for the right time to announce it. Speaking of proper timing, the tablet may finally see the light of day sometime during the second or third quarter of 2015 and will possibly be coming alongside the new iPad Mini 4.


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