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iPad Pro Release Date & Price: Features To Watch Out For

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The iPad Pro has recently been announced by Apple and the device costs from $799 to $1079. Aside from its large 12.9-inch screen and great specs, why should you buy Apple?s product when it releases in stores this November? Here are the best iPad Pro features you should look forward to.

Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is an optional accessory you can connect to the iPad Pro which enables great multi-touch abilities. This can be used for ease of drawing or sketching on the device especially as Apple touts it to be ?highly responsive? with no lag.

It isn?t just an accessory that helps you precisely draw things as it also pressure sensitive. The Apple Pencil determines how hard it is being pressed on the device. This is useful for apply small strokes or drawing thick lines when you?re sketching. This is also highly useful when you?re working on a water color portrait.

Drawing curved lines and putting shadings is also made possible with this accessory. The sensor of the Apple pencil can detect both the orientation and angle of your hand.

Rich Audio

You?ll no longer need to regularly hook your headphones just to make songs audible. Apple?s latest tablet is equipped with four speakers and Apple promises that this design enables the device to have up to three times more audio output than previous iPads. Apple also claims that the new casing enables it to give 61 percent more back volume.

Apple?s latest tablet also recognizes if you?re holding the device in portrait or landscape view, enabling the device to appropriately sound the right frequencies. This is important as the speakers at the top of the device are dedicated in producing high frequencies.


The large 12.9-inch display of the device isn?t wasted as the screen outputs a whopping 5.6 million pixels in 2732 x 2048 resolution. This is Apple?s highest resolution Retina display so far, Mac World reported. It also has two times better graphics prowess than the iPad Air 2, the report stated.

The 32GB iPad Pro is priced at $799 while the 128GB will cost you $949. The Wi-Fi + Cellular, only available with the 128GB, costs $1079.

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