iPad Pro Price And Specs: All The Details You Should Know Before Purchase

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Apple recently revealed the iPad Pro to Apple fans in an event last month. And with the device already available for everyone, this 12.9-inch tablet may give other tablets a run for their money. We took down some of the key outstanding features of the iPad Pro worth noticing and that will entice you to get this device.

Storage options

With the iPad Pro targeting a market of professionals and full-time users of the device, Apple has unveiled the iPad Pro with no 16GB. Instead, the device will have a base model of 32GB, offering a large amount a storage capability for high-performance applications. Also, the iPad Pro will not be putting in the 64GB version but will go for 128GB instead. This move will go together with the device and the direction that Apple is taking for their laptops.

Four-speaker setup

Compared to the previous model of the iPad with just a two-speaker setup, their additional speakers have made an extreme audio improvement for the device. ?For the first time, the speaker housings have been machined directly into the unibody enclosure,? according to a report from the Blurb. ?This new architecture gives the speakers 61 percent more back volume compared to the previous iPad audio designs. You?ll hear a wider frequency range and up to three times more output than on any other iPad.?

Extended battery life

Every mobile device users dream is to have a battery life that could last them for days, so iPad Pro?s 10 hours of energy from its 38.5 watt-hour battery is an improvement that every Apple fan?s looking forward to. 10 hours of battery life into a big iPad could give them the edge they need to make it a ?proper workhorse for business use in the office and on the move.?


Even though it?s bigger than any other previous iPad devices, the iPad Pro still features that same 8MP iSight camera in the iPad Air 2. This means that the quality of your photos is as good as any other iPad device. It can capture images in all the panoramic, slow-motion, burst or time modes that every iPad and iPhone devices offer. A front-facing Facetime HD camera and a time-lapse and slow-motion video can be captured in 720p high definition for that quick picture-taking on the road.

iOS 9

We can?t forget the iOS 9, which makes the iPad Pro worthwhile getting. Features such as improved Notifications, ?proactive? Siri and Low Power mode for saving battery life makes a more notable iPad Pro. And with its improved multitasking feature, it gives Apple a tablet that?s productive and essential in everyday use.

The iPad Pro 32GB costs $799 while the 128GB costs $1079 and will be available in three different colors: silver, gold, or space grey.

What are your favorite features in the new iPad Pro? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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