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Apple has surprised its consumers with highly innovative gadgets for several years. With the recently released thinner and lighter iPad Air, as well as the Retina display feature of the iPad Mini, what else is left for this company to offer? Rumor is continuously spreading that the famous Mac maker is working on a larger iPad Pro.

But how true is this rumor, which has made Apple loyalists excited?

The company triggered the interest of people with the launching of iPad Air, aligning itself from the premier models of the MacBook Pro and Air series. Apple has also been successful in launching newer models by just changing the name and adding one more feature on the existing models.

The iPad Pro now comes bigger and better, which will be called the Professional?s Tablet.

iPad Pro Release Date

Apple will release the new iPad Pro in 2014, but rumors are getting noisier with the tablet?s exact release date. Some sources claim that the Mac maker will release the product on October, but with two versions of the so ? called professional tablet.

Pad News revealed that the iPad Pro will come in a 2K and 4k screen resolution, which will come out in April and October, respectively. On the other hand, the sources of Korea Times report that only one version will be launched early next year with a resolution that is nearly UHD.

To make things even more confusing for everyone, the International Business Times reports that the Mac maker aims to release the iPad Pro in spring or winter of 2015. With Computer World pointing out that many school districts in the US compute their budgets in the early months of each year, the winter or fall 2014 release makes sense.

Apple Responds to Rumors


Apple executives responded to the rumors during the Macintosh?s 30th birthday celebration. They said that the company will not merge the iOS and Mac OS X into one operating system. Apple?s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said that it will be a waste of energy to merge two systems together. Phil?s response was also echoed by Apple?s senior vice president of software engineering Craig Fereighi.

This only means that rumors of a professional tablet cannot be confirmed. Apple fans will have to wait for the official announcement of the Mac maker.


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