iPad Pro 2 Will Also Ditch Headphone Jack?

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iPad Pro 2 Release
iPad Pro 2 Release

Apple?s iPad Pro 2 is believed to be one of the ambitious devices of the iPhone maker. Even though Apple has other devices like the Macs lined up, the spotlight is on this iPad variant. Rumor has it that the ?Mini? and ?Air? series will be replaced by the ?Pro? lineup.

Usually, Apple gives a hint of what is in store during the iPhone event. But, this year, not a word came out of Apple representatives about the iPads or for that matter Macs.

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iPad Pro 2 Release Date

Meanwhile, many tech portals say the upcoming iPad will be released in October or November. However, credible sources reportedly told Bloomberg that the iPad Pro 2 release date will fall sometime in 2017 instead. To be specific, expect the release in the?first quarter of 2017, Reporter Times noted.

iPad Pro 2 Headphone Jack

It is a known fact that Apple got rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Instead, the iPhone maker introduced the Bluetooth Apple AirPods. However, these AirPods will not come as part of the device bundle. You have to shell out $159 to get this gadget. However, Apple has an adaptor in the device bundle.

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While loyal Apple fans are coming to terms with the new design change i.e. getting used to the AirPods, Apple?s marketing chief Phil Schiller indirectly noted that Apple will stick to the new design. During the launch event, Schiller noted that the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack shows Apple?s ?courage? to look ahead.

iPad Pro

This clearly says Apple has a long term plan for the AirPods. This brings us to the obvious question ? will Apple continue to ditch the headphone jack in the devices earmarked for the near future, including the iPad Pro 2? Only time will say.

iPad Pro 2 Specs, Features, Design

The top-feature of the iPad Pro 2 is believed to be the Apple Pencil. Also, Apple is trying hard to make this device work efficiently for both writing and drawing. On a related note, Lenovo recently released the Yoga Book with 2-in-1 features onboard. To know more about the stunning Yoga Book, click here.

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With the advanced Pencil, the iPad Pro 2 users can expect smoother navigation this time around. The actions performed with the help of Apple Pencil like panning, zooming, and pinching will apparently be more fluid and easy.

Unlike the iPad Mini or Air series, the Pro 2 will apparently feature a 10.5-inch display. Apple will reportedly market this device for both educational and commercial purposes. Past rumors also suggest that the iPhone maker will be releasing a 12.9-inch variant of the same device.

Under the hood, the Apple A10X chipset is believed to power this tablet and the device will come equipped with 32GB of native store space as the base version.

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