Mac Rumors 2017: iPad Pro 2 Release Date, Specs & Everything You Need to Know

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Apple patrons are awaiting iPad Pro 2 release date confirmations. However, online reports have been mostly based on rumors and unverified leaks. Different Mac rumors have also been circulating about the specs of one of 2017’s most anticipated new devices.

News about the Cupertino-based tech giant’s newest premium tablet come out almost every week. However, none of them have come even remotely close to confirming its design and features. Nonetheless, we have rounded up the most recent and widely-circulated claims about the next-generation iOS gadget.

Key features

Alleged insiders have claimed that among the iPad Pro 2’s key specs include a 2224 x 1668p display. However, reports also stated that the tablet will still have the same pixel density as its predecessor. HIS market analyst Rhoda Alexander added that it will even sport the same 9.7-inch dimension.

In spite of these unupdated features, Forbes claimed that the device will have a larger screen aspect ratio. This will be made possible by bezels that will be significantly reduced in terms of its . There are also rumors about its smoother navigation and A9X chipset.

Aside from the 9.7-inch tablet, Apple will allegedly come out with other similar variants for more upscale techies. These allegedly include a higher-end 12.9-inch iPad Pro. There will also supposedly be an additional 10.5-inch variant that will be priced slightly higher than the generic one.

There are also iPad Pro 2 rumors about its accompanying accessory, the Apple Pencil 2. The digital stylus pen will reportedly get an array of improvements this year. As per Mobipicker, it is very possible that the supplementary device will be released alongside the tablet.

iPad Pro 2 release date

DigiTimes said that the tablet will be released sometime this May or June 2017. This is contrary to previously reported earlier dates. The delay has allegedly already affected iPad component suppliers such as TPK and Foxconn. Both supposedly got very low first quarter financial results for this year and are pressuring Apple to speed up the launch.

Other Mac rumors

Aside from the iPad Pro 2, other Mac rumors have been keeping enthusiasts on their toes since 2017 began. For one, a  lot of patrons have been eager to learn more about the tablet line’s lightweight variant. The iPad Air 2 was released towards the end of 2014, so many believe that it badly needs a much newer version.

However, the possibility of Apple releasing four different tablets this year just seems unlikely for some. The fact that none of the four have even been confirmed by the company also makes things very vague. Because of this, the public has been advised to just wait for Apple’s official announcements.

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