iPad Pro 2 Release Date Coming Soon As Current Tablet Hybrid Gets Discounts

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iPad Pro 2 Release

Everyone has been waiting for the iPad Pro 2 release to happen but so far it remains a mystery. Recent developments though could indicate that the tablet may release very soon.

The iPad Pro 2 was certainly a very unique product which Apple introduced last year because of its huge 12.9-inch display. Apple then launched a smaller version of the tablet earlier this year. Fans though have been waiting for the iPad Pro 2 which has been rumored for a long time. Now it appears that the wait may not be that long now as the upcoming tablet could be launched soon.

It appears that some retailers have been slashing the prices of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Best Buy has the 32GB variant of the device can be bought for just $799.99. This is certainly a big opportunity for those who have been waiting for a great deal on the device.

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iPad Pro 2 Release Date Soon

iPad Pro 2

Aside from the huge savings, it could also be a sign of another thing that Apple fans will be ecstatic about. This is because discounts on the current device may be a sign that the next generation of the iPad Pro could be released soon.

The iPad Pro 2 has been in the rumor mill over the past couple of months and it may be about time for Apple to finally release it. It may not be exactly the same as its predecessor though as it is rumored that Apple will scale down its size to 10.5 inches.

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iPad Pro 2 Rumors

Aside from the smaller display, another change which could be present in the iPad Pro 2 is an improved processor. A bump in internal storage and RAM could also be expected.

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So, are you excited about the upcoming iPad Pro 2 release? Be sure to let us know what you expect in the next generation of the iPad Pro in the comments below.

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