iPad Mini Receives Wikipad Gamevice Game Controller

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iPad Mini holders who are fond of playing games, this great news is for you!

Wikipad, who claimed to have created the world?s first premium gaming tablet truly capable of playing console-quality games has unveiled a new device called Wikipad Gamevice to give iPad Mini users added physical gaming controls to their tablet.

?We love it (iPad Mini) so much that we designed the Gamevice to give it the only thing it needed to become the handheld gaming device that puts all the others to shame. No more Twister-style fingertip control schemes. No more propping up your Mini against the airplane seat back so you can use both hands. Just pick up, play, and mash away,? Wikipad said.

The Wikipad Gamevice has dual analog sticks and secondary analog triggers in addition to a d-pad, four face buttons and two digital triggers on top. It is compatible with all iOS games that feature controller support, which includes titles like Limbo, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and The Walking Dead.


This Gamevice is specifically designed for Apple?s iPad Mini but reports said that they can also be used by any tablet device either Android or iOS operating systems.

So how does it work? Once you attach the Wikipad Gamevice on the iPad Mini, it?s as if you?ve transformed your iPad into a Wii U styled gaming system ? two sections connected by a thick elastic band to hold the iPad Mini in place.

With Gamevice for iPad Mini, you?ll turn your tablet into the most powerful gaming handheld in the world.

“Since June 2013 we have created the world?s first premium gaming tablet truly capable of playing console-quality games while mobile. Our technology leads a double life as a stand-alone, high performance tablet. Work hard and play even harder. We will keep building the Wikipad suite of hardware and software technologies to become a well known brand representing video game culture throughout the world,” Wikipad said in their official website.


The Gamevice was revealed after the Electronic Entertainment Expo last week where new iOS controllers appeared and launched.

However, there?s no information yet on the pricing or availability worldwide.

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