iPad Mini 5: Top 5 Reasons Why This Tablet Will Rock Upon Release

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iPad Mini 5

Apple?s iPad series will get multiple successors this year with powerful configurations and some significant design changes. This includes the compact iPad Mini 5 and the iPad Air 3. We are hearing rumors that the iPhone maker may not name its tablet as Mini 5, instead it might settle for iPad Pro Mini.

Irrespective of the name, the Mini 5 seems like the device to watch out for. While there are many wild rumors vouching for futuristic features onboard, some of them seem possible.

Speaking of release date, Apple has scheduled a special event on September 7 to introduce the new iPhone 7 series, alongside the second-generation Apple Watch. While we do not know if iPads are part of the schedule, the reasonable release expectation would be a month after the iPhone launch.

Here, in this post, we have jotted down five reasons why the Apple iPad Mini 5 will rock based on the collated rumors.

Build & Exterior Design Changes

While it is a general belief that the iPad Mini 5 will not come with radical design change, Apple is known to slim down the next-generation devices every single time. So expect a thinner device with latest configurations on board. The next logical feature to discuss about would be the batteries.

In general, thinner profile means less space to accommodate batteries. Hence, we won?t be surprised if Apple cuts down the battery capacity / size marginally. In case, Apple already found a way to house a bigger battery within a smaller chassis, we will not complain.

In the current scenario, however, it is better to expect the battery unit to take a small hit, or maintain the same capacity. The other way is to toss in a token improvement.

Apart from the slimmer profile, Apple has been rumored to use?7000-series aluminum alloy this time around. This is the same material used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

iPad-Mini 5

3D Touch Display

The iPad Mini 5 specifications list will reportedly include the pressure sensitive 3D Touch display. While the 3D Touch or Force Touch technology is still evolving, Apple already squeezed this feature in the iPhone 6 in 2014. Hence, it is only natural to expect this aspect to extend to the iPad series.

Powerful Configurations

Under the hood, Apple?s powerful A9X is expected to power the iPad Mini 5. Although the A10 is the latest one, we are not expecting this to make it to the iPads yet.

Furthermore, we are hearing that the standard 16GB version of the iPad will no longer be made available. Instead, expect to see?32GB, 64GB and 128GB built-in storage choices.

Dust & Water Resistance

In general, Apple devices do not come with dust and water resistant body. However, with Samsung being the latest OEM to offer IP rated devices, it?s only obvious that Apple might want to jump on the bandwagon.

End of iPad Air Series

Latest rumors suggest that?Apple might ditch the iPad Air series altogether to concentrate on the premium iPad Pro lineup. Tablet market in general is quite sluggish for some time now. Hence, it makes sense for Apple to be a bit cautions.

To top it off, Apple?s ambitious 2-in-1 lineup iPad Pro, which is projected as the alternative to?Microsoft?s Surface Pro series, is also being quoted as a possible reason to drop the Air lineup. Some believe the iPad Air 3, earmarked for 2016, will be the last in this series.

You might wonder — why only the iPad Air is at the receiving end but not the Mini lineup? Perhaps, the iPad Mini series is doing better than the?iPad Air for Apple?

We will know the answers to all these questions when Apple releases the iPad Mini 5 and Air 3 in September. Until then, we will keep you posted on the rumors and leaks sourced from across the globe.


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