iPad Mini 5 Release Date:Tablet Will Support Features Similar to iPhone 7?

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iPad Mini 5
iPad release date

Apple is reportedly working on the new iPad Mini 5. The reports indicate that the company could launch the tablet in September along with iPhone 7.

Apple has remained tight lipped about the release and specs of its upcoming hardware. The rumors have it that the new iPad Mini 5 will pack some stellar features similar to iPhone 7. The first and most important one is the design. The new iPad Mini 5 can feature a lightning port similar to iPhone 7. That means 3.5mm earphone jack will be no longer there in next-gen tablet.

The new device would be thinner than the current iPad 4. The current iPad Mini 4 is powered by a 5,124mAh battery. Apple could fit a less powerful battery in iPad Mini 5 in order to reduce its size. However, it will not affect its battery life as the new A9 processor is expected to be more power efficient than the A8 processor in iPad Mini 4. With a 7000-series aluminium chassis, iPad Mini 5 could be waterproof and dust-resistant.

Photo courtesy of redmond

Photo courtesy of redmond

The device could include touch sensitive home button instead of traditional one. With the redesigned home button, all that users have to do is simply tap it. However, it will perform the same function that the current home button does. Apple has the patent for this technology and could introduce it in iPad Mini and iPhone 7.

Moreover, just like iPhone 7, Apple could ditch the 16GB variant in its upcoming iPad. The new tablet would be available in three variants with 32, 64 and 128GB onboard storage. The other specs will remain the same in all variants.

Apple could launch the iPad Mini 5 with Apple A9 processor and will run iOS 10. The company could improve the display as well. Both main and front cameras will be the same as the current models, iPad Mini 4 includes 8 megapixel main and 1.2 megapixel front camera.

iPad Mini 5

The price of the new tablet will depend on its hardware. Nothing is confirmed at the moment. However, the base model with 32GB onboard storage is supposed to roll out with $450 price tag. The 64GB model will cost around $500, and the buyers will have to pay $600 for the 128GB variant.

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