iPad Mini 5 Release Date, Best Features, Design Roundup: 32GB Rumored to be the Base Version

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Apple iPad Mini 5 (Representational Image)

As we near close to the iPad Mini 5 release date in September, new features and configurations are cropping up from various credible sources from across the country.

What?s New in iPad Mini 5?

A new report now says the upcoming?iPad Mini 5?s base version will be 32GB instead of the traditional 16GB variant. In general, Apple devices do not come with microSD card slots to facilitate expansion. Even in the 16GB, most of the memory will be exhausted by the installed software. Hence, Apple fans have been cribbing about the lack of bigger storage, even though the iPhone maker offers variants based on native-storage.

Therefore, the 32GB base version is a good news to the ones that are always storage-starved. Especially with the advent of games like the?Pokemon GO, having a bigger storage with a generous RAM wouldn?t hurt.

iPad Mini 5 Design, Specifications, Features

Apart from slimming down the device, Apple is expected to use?7000-series aluminum alloy, introduced in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, readers should note that, in general, slimmer exterior translates to smaller batteries. Unless Apple found a way to squeeze a relatively bigger battery in a smaller chassis, the battery unit will take a hit.

However, we are expecting the battery to remain the same without any significant improvement. Apple might toss-in some token improvement, which technically doesn?t amount for anything substantial.

Apple iPad Mini 5

Furthermore, past reports suggested that a?3D Touch sensitive display, seen in the iPhone 6s, can be expected in the compact tablet. In general, pressure sensitive display technology is currently evolving. Therefore, it is not perfect and hence, there is a good chance that Apple might not opt for this feature in the next-generation iPads. This is because even the ambitious iPad Pro series does not come with one.

Under the hood, the iPad Mini 5 has been rumored to come powered by an Apple A9 processor. Camera-wise, this slate will reportedly sport an 8MP iSight rear-facing sensor, in addition to a 1.2MP selfie-clicker.

So far, Apple has stayed away from featuring dust and water resistant exteriors. However, due to immense competition from Android counterparts, especially because of Samsung, there is a good possibility that Apple might finally bite the bullet and opt for a water and dust resistant chassis in the iPad Mini 5.


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