iPad Mini 5 Release Date: 5 New Cool Features

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Apple iPad Mini 5 (Representational Image)

Past reports suggested that Apple?s iPad Mini 5 release date could be anytime in September. This release timeframe sounds perfect because the predecessor iPad Mini 4 was also introduced in September 2015 and the device became immediately available for purchase after the launch.

Spec-wise, there is no dearth of rumors and leaks when it comes to the Mini 5. Some of them sound absolutely feasible, while others come across as very futuristic and wild. With abundance of rumored configurations around, we have listed down five incredible features that are being expected to be part of the iPad Mini 4 successor.

Slimmer Profile

MacWorld says the upcoming iPad Mini 5 tablet will not come with any radical design change. Instead, the tried and tested traditional design philosophy will be maintained. This is not surprising because even the current-generation Mini 4 is identical to the original iPad Mini with regard to the overall exterior design.

Nevertheless, Apple fans need not lose hope because every year the tech giant has made sure the successor is thinner than the current model. There was a time when Apple?s iPads didn?t have a solid competitor. But now, OEMs like Samsung, Microsoft, Google and HTC have heightened the competition in the tablets arena.

However, the sluggish overall tablet market suggests that tablet-makers have to do something different to capture the attention of the buyers. Hence, it?s safe to assume that Apple might concentrate more on upgrading the internal modules to enhance the performance and cut down the thickness of the device.

Pressure Sensitive 3D Touch Display

Reports suggest that the iPad Mini 5 specifications list might include the now-famous 3D Touch display. Even though this pressure sensitive display technology is still in evolving state, it is being believed that this feature will change the dynamics of the touchscreen at some point.

It is worth noting that the 3D Touch, also known as Force Touch, is already part of Apple?s iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus. However, it is going to take some time to get the full advantage of this futuristic feature.

Apple iPad

Upgraded Hardware Components

In order to get the much-preferred ultra-thin exterior, Apple has been rumored to house a slimmer battery unit inside the iPad Mini 5. Under the hood, Apple?s A9 is expected to power the tablet.

To top it off, MacWorld says Apple might ditch the 16GB version of iPad altogether and offer 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB native storage options instead.

Dust & Water Resistant Exterior

Apple?s iPhones do not come with dust and water resistant exteriors. In fact, Samsung didn?t have this feature for a long time. But the latest Galaxy S7 series come with one, and Sony has been offering this feature even since their inception.

With such strong completion around, it?s time Apple started offering water and dust resistant chassis with an IP rating in tow. Even though this feature has been rumored to be part of the Apple iPad Mini 5 specifications list, it is just a wild expectation at this point in time.

Solid Build Quality

Rumor has it that the iPad Mini 5 might feature a sturdy chassis when compared to other models released so far. Similar to Apple?s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the famous 7000-series aluminum alloy is believed to be part of the upcoming slate.

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