iPad Mini 5 In March 2017: Will Pack Features Similar To iPhone 7?

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Apple iPad Mini 5 (Representational Image)

Apple is reportedly working on a new iteration of the iPad Mini. The tech giant is expected to launch the iPad Mini 5 in March 2017. The new device could pack features similar to the recently launched iPhone 7.

Apple removed the 3.5mm earphone jack in iPhone 7. Likewise, iPad Mini 5 is expected to have lightning port instead of 3.5mm jack. The next-gen iPad Mini will use lightning port for charging the device and earphone connectivity. Moreover, the new device is expected to include a touch sensitive home button instead of the traditional push button.

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The devices will be powered by an Apple A9 processor coupled with 2GB RAM. Moreover, the tech giant could ditch the 16GB variant of iPad Mini as well. This will result in the iPad Mini 5 to have at least 32GB internal storage.

iPad Mini 4

iPad Mini 4

The all new iPad Mini 5 will most probably feature a 7.9-inch display used in its predecessor. Moreover, the company could fit the iPad Mini with similar camera specs. Fans can expect an 8MP main and 1.2MP front facing camera.

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Similar to iPhone 7, the new iPad Mini will most probably feature waterproof and dust resistant chassis. The firm is expected to reduce the size of the device by using a smaller battery component.

The new iPad Mini will use a less powerful battery compared to the 5124 mAh Li-Ion battery used in iPad Mini 4. However, this will not affect the battery life of the device as the new processor will be more power efficient than the current A8 processor used in iPad Mini 4.

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iPad Mini 5 Price

As aforementioned, the device will have at least 32GB onboard storage. This will obviously affect the price of the device. Apple launched the iPad Mini 4 with a 16GB inbuilt storage variant for $399. Now, the entry level iPad Mini 5 will cost around $450. The 64GB and 128GB variants will cost around $500 and $600, respectively.

iPad Mini 5

iPad Mini

However, nothing is confirmed until Apple releases an official statement regarding any new hardware they will be using. Readers are advised to take this information with a grain of salt for now. TheBitBag team will update the information as soon as Apple releases any word or an official statement regarding the iPad Mini 5!

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