iPad Mini 4 Coming In September? Thinner, Lighter iPad With 8MP Rear Camera Revealed

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Apple has provided us with a variety of devices that cater our everyday Internet and enjoyment, and they might just have something for us this September when Apple lovers expect the latest gadgets from the tech giant. Through the years they have developed and improved some of the many iPad devices for the preparation of the expectations of future generations. And once again, the multination technology company has given us an upgrade we can look forward to with their new iPad mini 4.

The successor of the iPad mini is assumed to make a number of developments from the previous iPad mini 3 that had only added a few enhancements such as the new Touch ID. The iPad mini 4 would probably feature a new 7.9-inch Retina display with anti-reflective display coating which offers vivid colors and greater contrast which would be powered by the latest A9 processors that powers all Apple 2015 devices, stated by IBN Live.

The iPad mini 4 will also exhibit a 6.1 mm body and an 8 megapixel rear camera with a laminated gapless display which will also include a 2GB RAM at an iOS9, from a support split-screen multitasking feature, shared by Mac Rumors. The Apple device?s design will presumably take on some of the iPad Air 2 elements such as a single row of speaker holes in the rear shell alongside the Lightning port of the device which the microphone hole will be exchanged for the mute switch, IBN Live reported.

The successor of the iPad mini 3 will be a combination of elegance and style while preserving top of the line software performances. The thin and light features of the Apple device may definitely be a quality that many tech savvies will look for. Expect the iPad mini 4 to be revealed between October and November along with the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro, posted by Mac Rumors.

In other reports, the new iMac desktop is to launch this next few months with a new 21.5 inch screen with a 4k retina display. For more information about the new computer, check out this link.


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