iPad games to play over the holiday that aren?t Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds or Candy Crush Sage

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With another long weekend coming up, you?re probably thinking of what you?re going to do but wishing you could do it all in bed. Barring some extensive pillowcase acrobatics and blanketed exertions, grab that iPad off the shelf and get ready to wile away the time with some great, lesser-known games.

Don?t worry, we aren?t pushing some other version of Angry Birds, Candy Crush or PvZ at you; these are games that might be buried under all those casual platformers and tower defense. These games might make you think twice, think hard, cry or faint. Good thing you?re going to be in bed, then.

So here are the best iPad games to play over the holiday:

  • Monument Valley

Recently launched, this game is both a relaxing puzzle and though-provokingly wistful. You control a princess exploring a geometric, impossible land rife with puzzles. Made by ustwo, it?s a great game to start the holiday. Guide the princess on her journey through impossible staircases, shifting paths and a slow walk that leads to forgiveness.

  • Device 6

Instead of grabbing that spy novel you?ve always wanted to get into, here?s a game that puts you in the mystery. Device 6 is text-heavy, but most spying involves going through records and cross-referencing material. It?s mysterious and elegant, so be ready for some smooth sleuthing this holiday. You still get to play this in bed!

  • SpaceChem

If you?re one of those people who need to control something scientific all the time, this is the resource management game for you. Use the building blocks of matter to create unexpected results! Do this all from the comfort of your bed without the toxic spill or explosion.

  • Bastion

For something a bit more action-packed but thought-provoking nonetheless, this game is the port of the action-RPG on Steam. You play the Kid, who battles through a post-apocalyptic world. The gameplay is astounding and the challenge will keep you in bed for a long, long time. Make sure to grab a copy of the OST as well; you?ll be humming some tunes soon enough.

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