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iPad Apps That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

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It?s great to carry around an iPad all the time. It will save you from boredom.

You can play games to pass time or go on Facebook and Twitter. Or be updated on what your favorite celebrities are up to on Instagram. It?s also a great companion when you?re in the mood to read a book or watch movies or listen to music.

ipad home screen

You see, the iPad can do a lot of things. In fact, you?ll never run out of things to do with it and that?s why it?d hard to peel it away from your hands.

But don?t think that the iPad is only good for leisure and seemingly unproductive activities. People who say that it?s a waste of time couldn?t be any more wrong because the iPad is one of the best tools to help you become productive. And that?s not only with regards to your work.

The iPad can help you make more sense of your daily life. It?s a great tool that will ensure you accomplish all tasks you need to do.

Don?t believe me?

notes plusHere are some iPad apps that will boost your productivity in everyday chores.

Notes Plus

This is an awesome app that makes note-taking very easy and effective. With this, you won?t have to carry a notebook and pen–which you?re more likely to misplace–all the time. Ideas come to us in different times of the day. Most of the time we also suddenly remember an event we need to go to or a task that needs to be done and when these happen, we can?t totally rely on a notepad because we can lose them.

You can put all your notes conveniently on your iPad via Notes Plus. You don?t even have to type on the keyboard; just use your finger to write (or a stylus). It also has features that will allow you to convert the notes and email them to anyone you like.

sugar syncSugar Sync

Just like Dropbox, Sugar Sync is a cloud storage app that will give you access to important files anywhere you are. Let?s say you?re out shopping for food and you got an email (or phone call) from a company you?ve applied to and they need you to send them some documents right away. That?d be impossible if your files are stored only in your computer at home. But if you have a cloud storage, it?s easy to send it out.

shopping listShopping List

Speaking of grocery shopping, one of the most annoying things in the world is to come to the store and realize that you?ve left your list at home. All that time you?ve spent organizing and budgeting will go to waste and you?ll end up spending more time and money at the grocery store because you?ve no idea what you need to get.

This app is extremely helpful because it will keep you from buying stuff you don?t need. One cool feature it has is you can categorize the items so you don?t have to go back and forth sections or aisles. That way, you finish shopping quickly.

And if you can?t go to the store and someone you know is going shopping, you can just email them your list. See how breezy it can be?


When it comes to planning a budget, most people would still use the traditional method–small notebooks–simply because it?s easier to put inside the purse or something. Rarely would you see people who track personal expenses on a computer.

The iPad can be a great tool for budgeting because it?s very portable and you always have it with you. The iXpenseIt app is a sure winner because it allows you to easily track the date, time, and how much you?ve spent so far.

If you spend on stuff for work, you?ll find it easier to get reimbursed because it can take photos of receipts and even create reports.

Sort Shots

We all love posting photos on Facebook and Instagram. But what if you have tons of pictures from a trip or an event? Sorting these photos and picking the ones to upload can be tedious. This app will save you from that.

This app will allow you to tag photos with keywords so it?s easier to categorize and retrieve the ones you need. You can also export these images directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Picasa.

instapaperRead It Later and Instapaper

When you?re surfing the net or researching for something that?s work-related you?re bound to stumble upon a post, article, or report about something that interests you. But taking time to read that would be unproductive. You can?t take your attention away from the task at hand so the best thing to do is read it later.

These iPad apps will save copies of the interesting stuff you found online so you can get back to them at a later time. It?s that simple.

The iPad is revolutionary. It has made life so much fun and easier to deal with. Imagine all the things you can do with just a tiny gadget. Try these apps now and notice how they improve your life.

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