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iPad Air 3 Specs: Might Come With Faster Processor & Sharper Screen

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What we can expect from the next-generation iPad Air 3 model. (Image courtesy of Apple)

What most of us tech watchers already know is that all device launches are almost immediately followed by speculations about its successor. That proves to be true when talking about the iPad Air 2 and the unannounced iPad Air 3 model. As early as now, we can?t stop hearing about various rumors surrounding the upcoming tablet?s specs.

Better processor

It?s very likely that Apple is going to stick with the same weight and size of the current generation model, MacWorld noted. The iPad Air 2 is already very slim at 6.1mm and around half the thickness of the first iPad. When it comes to the processor, Apple has a history of regularly updating their device?s CPU so we can expect expect that they will do the same for the upcoming tablet. The iPad Air 2 has been equipped with the A8X chip, which is capable of delivering processing speed 12x faster than the one powering the original iPad. As for the iPad Air 3, 9to5Mac reported that the Cupertino-based company will be furnishing it with an A9X processor possibly coupled with a massive 4GB RAM.

Improved display

Another constantly upgraded spec is display. The iPad Air 3?s screen is also in for a screen boost, one that may come similar to the iPhone 6 Plus. MacWorld mentioned that “The iPad Air 3’s screen, then, may well get a resolution boost – perhaps approaching the 401ppi (pixels per inch) pixel density of the iPhone 6 Plus. We dread to think what this would do to the battery life, though. The iPhone 6 Plus got round that because its larger size allowed it to include a bigger battery.” The same may also be true for the tablet?s camera combo since the iPad Air 2 came with a significantly improved shooters than its predecessor.

iPad 3 or iPad 7?

One interesting rumor about the iPad Air 3 involves its name. There are reports that Apple may not actually brand it as such but instead release it to the world as the ?iPad 7.? This may be based upon the assumption that the upcoming Apple tablet will be the seventh full-sized iteration from the company?s iPad line.


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