iPad Air 3 Release Teased Ahead Its Rumored Mar. 21 Event By A New Case

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iPad Air 3

Apple is rumored to be working on a new iPad which they are planning to unveil during their March 21st special media event. CNBC has reported that they have already started sending invitations to the media for the said event and they are likely to launch several new products, including the long-rumored iPad Air 3. While there have been no solid details about the iPad Air 3 have been revealed, a recent leak of a supposed iPad Air 3 case provides a preview of some of the features for the upcoming device.

According to a report from TechnoBuffalo, regular leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer sent out a tweet with a photo for a case made for the upcoming iPad Air 3. While the leaked picture of the case for the new iPad may not really give an insight as to what the device will look like, it does provide some very useful hints as to some features that it will have.

One of the things that can be observed with the case is that there are four slots intended for the iPad Air 3?s speakers which lend even more truth to the rumors that the upcoming device will have four speaker grills similar to the iPad Pro. Aside from the number of speakers, PhoneArena also reports that the alleged case affirms that the iPad Air 3 will have a Smart Connector, a feature which has long been tied together with the new iPad.

Apple has not commented on whether the alleged case was indeed made for the upcoming iPad Air 3 but surely they will be revealing more details as the date of their media event draws closer. Be sure to stay glued here to find out more news and updates about the Apple iPad Air 3 as well as other amazing products which will be launched during the March 21st Apple media event.

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