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iPad Air 3 Release Postponed From September 2016 To Early 2017?

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The release of iPad Air 3 has been moved from its rumored September 2016 launch to early 2017.

The release of iPad Air 3 has been moved from its rumored September 2016 launch to early 2017.

According to Christian Daily, many were expecting Apple to unveil the long-rumored device during the tech giant?s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last week. Fans were inevitably dismayed when the release of the iPad Air 3 was not even mentioned at the conference, and began speculating about the next possible launch date.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro launched last March and Apple usually introduces two new tablets in two separate events every year. However, since it was not announced at the WWDC, Macworld pointed out that it is possible for the Cupertino-based company to announce the iPad Air 3 on their next event.

Unfortunately, for those who are eager to get their hands on the iPad Air 3, the next event will be on March 2017 ? six months later than the site?s previously announced September 2016 unveiling.

Aside from these dates, there were also previous claims about an October 2015 release for the iPad Air 3. It has been over a year, but Apple has yet to release official details. However, there were rumors about the launch of a new iPad Air without the ?Air? variant. This will supposedly be integrated into the iPad Pro, in line with Apple?s direction to ?trim down and simplify its iPad lineup.? ?

If this is true, then the previous iPad Air 2 could possibly be the last in the product group?s ?Air? lineup, hence the lack of details on when an iPad Air 3 would be released. ?

In relation to all these speculations, a teaser on the iPad Air 3 earlier this year pointed out that the entire tablet industry is going through a decline in terms of sales. Apple reportedly wanted to change this trend by renewing the interest of techies worldwide through the introduction of the new tablet features.

The company also supposedly pushed to include the latest specs in its tablet products in order to compete with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

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