iPad Air 3 Release In October?

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iPad Air 3 Release

The iPad Air 3 is one handheld device many tablet fans have been waiting for. The gadget was expected to be released in October of last year. However, Apple decided to go in another direction and focus instead on releasing a 9.7-inch iPad Pro first. Now it seems that the iPad Air 3 Release could finally be happening soon with some reports saying that it could launch as early as October.

The iPad Air product line has always been very popular with consumers. Not only is it lightweight and portable, it is also very powerful. Apple has always found success with its handheld devices, and it is hoping that the iPad Air 3 would follow the trend.

While consumers have been waiting excitedly for the next generation iPad Air, it appears that the wait will not be much longer. According to MacWorld UK, based on past iPad Air releases the iPad Air 3 could be launching this October. While the release is still months away, it will surely make iPad Air fans happy knowing that there is a possibility that the device launches this year.

The iPad Air 3 is certainly one exciting device that many Apple fans will be watching out for. Even if its release is still several months away, there have already been countless rumors about the device.

iPad Air 3

One of the best rumors about the iPad Air 3 is that it could be even thinner than the iPad Air 2. Apple has put a big emphasis on the thinness of its products lately, with the 2016 MacBook becoming thinner than ever. The upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 is likewise expected to become even thinner than the existing MacBook Air.

Another promising rumor is that the iPad Air 3 could have a Smart Connector. This would mean that the device will be able to connect with Apple?s Smart devices such as a keyboard and the Apple pencil.

There is no confirmation yet from Apple if the October release of the iPad Air 3 is indeed going to happen. But surely expect more news and updates from the Cupertino-based tech company in the coming weeks or months.

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