iPad Air 3 Release Not Cancelled; Revamped Tablet Launch In October?

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The iPad Air 3 release could be happening this October. The launch would shut down speculations that the revamped tablet is being cancelled by Apple.

Tech enthusiasts expected to finally see the lightweight device during the tech giant?s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last June. When the event ended without any details regarding the iPad Air 3?s release, the rumor mill went buzzing that it might be phased out by the Cupertino-based company.

However, a report from Mobile N Apps detailed that Apple?s past behavior points to a third quarter unveiling. Some would remember that the first iPad Air was introduced on October 22, 2013 while the iPad Air 2 was rolled out in October 16, 2014. Apple did not launch an Air variant of the tablet in 2015. However, if the said pattern continues, the next possible date for the iPad Air 3 launch will be sometime in October 2016.

The rumored date comes amid speculations that Apple might not be releasing the device anymore. One of the possible reasons is the iPad Air 3?s similarities with the iPad Pro, as the latter has supposedly ?filled the gap? during the long wait for Apple?s next Air tablet.


The previous iPad Air model and the iPad Pro share a lot of similarities

Among the different similarities between the two devices, the most obvious one is with regards to their sizes. The original iPad Pro measures 12.9 inches while its 9.7-inch variant was released by Apple later on. This means the smaller version of the iPad Pro could eliminate the need to release another new device with a similar price range and specs.

There have also been reports about the recent sales decline in the entire tablet industry. With Apple supposedly wanting to streamline their product portfolio, some would think that a device like the iPad Air 3, which is already similar to its company?s other offerings, could no longer be launched anymore.

iPad Air 3

Still, Apple patrons have been keeping their hopes up for the iPad Air 3 release. Many noticed that old iPad Air units have been put on sale for a limited time only ? a move that is supposedly meant to make way for the iPad Air 3.

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