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iPad Air 3 Release Date: Launch Still Pushing Through Amid Cancellation Rumors?

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Apple iPad Air 3

The iPad Air 3 release date has been a mystery for tech enthusiasts who have been waiting for its launch. Even though there have been rumors that the iPad might get phased out, there have been a lot of explanations regarding when it will finally be unveiled.

Techies were inevitably disappointed when there were no details about Apple?s lightweight tablet during the tech giant?s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last June. The lack of information led to speculations that the Cupertino-based company just might not push through with the product anymore.

Cancellation rumors were also fueled due to reports that Apple wants to streamline their product portfolio. The move is supposedly due to the recent sales decline in the entire tablet industry.

Since the iPad Air 3 is already similar to other Apple offerings, some have pointed out that it could very well be axed from the list of gadgets to be released this 2016. Based on rumors about what to expect from the iPad Air 3, one of the devices that is similar to it is the iPad Pro. Among its obvious similarities is with regards to their sizes. The original iPad Pro measures 12.9 inches, while its 9.7-inch variant was launched soon after its release. The smaller version of the iPad Pro could remove the need of an iPad Air 3, since it will have a similar price range and specs.


9.7 iPad Pro

However, there have been speculations about how iPad Air 3?s release date could still happen this third quarter. This is because of Apple?s pattern of introducing its iPads every October: the first iPad Air was introduced on October 22, 2013 while the iPad Air 2 was rolled out in October 16, 2014.

Even though Apple did not launch an Air variant of the tablet in 2015, the predecessors? launch dates could mean that the iPad Air 3 will finally be revealed this October too.


Apple launched their previous iPad Air models during October.

Apple patrons also got their hopes up amid cancellation rumors because of how old iPad Air units have been put on sale for a limited time only. The constant discounts being offered to its predecessors could very well mean that Apple is making way for the iPad Air 3 launch.

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