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iPad Air 3 Cancelled? Apple No Longer Pushing For 2017 Release Date?

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There are rumors that the iPad Air 3 will be cancelled by Apple even though there have been reports of a 2017 release date.

Mac World pointed out that the iPad Air 2 was unveiled all the way in October 2014, with iPad Pro launched soon after. Since the latter has already seemingly ?filled the gap,? plus with the many changing launch dates that have been reported, it is possible that the iPad Air 3 might actually not be released at all.

The report also pointed out the different devices? sizes. The original iPad Pro measures 12.9 inches, while its 9.7-inch variant was released by Apple later on. This means the smaller version of the iPad Pro could eliminate the need to release a another new device with a similar price range and specs, hence the conclusions that the iPad Air 3 could be cancelled.

Lastly, Apple patrons raised speculations when there was no mention of the highly anticipated lightweight device during Apple?s recently concluded Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). There have been many rumors about the iPad Air 3 release date, with the most recent report claiming that it will be available to the public by early 2017. The possible cancellation of the iPad Air 3 could also supposedly be related to the recent sales decline in the entire tablet industry.

However, many got their hopes up because of recent reports that old iPad Air units have been put on sale for a limited time only. One of the deals reported by Christian Today was for an iPad Air 2 128GB model with Retina display and one year warranty, which was discounted from $699.99 to just $449.99.

This surprise sale could mean that the iPad Air 3?s predecessor will be phased out in preparation for the release of the new model. It is similar to the recent removal of legacy non-Retina MacBook Pro units in stores and it?s rumored phasing out, supposedly to make way for the release of the new MacBook Pro 2016.


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