iPad Air 3 Release Pushed Back In March 2017?

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Details about the upcoming iPad Air 3 from Apple continue to appear as supposed release dates of the device surface online. Previous reports have suggested that the iPad Air 3 release was expected to be in October 2015 but latest details have mentioned that the new model could be pushed back as late as March 2017.

Almost a year has passed since initial reports of an iPad Air 3 launch was announced and as of late, Apple may have yet to release any official details. Now, the long-rumored device is now expected to be arriving at an even later date and will supposedly be releasing in March 2017.

Apple is apparently set to premiere a new iPad model but could possibly remove the ?Air? variant and will supposedly be integrated into the iPad Pro.

iPad Air 3 pushed back to 2017?

The move is supposedly due to Apple making a simple lineup of iPad models and making some new additions on the ?Pro? lineup with iPad Air 3 features. The supposed move of Apple may then result in the iPad Air 2 being the last of the ?Air? model.

Instead of being introduced to the ?Air? variant, the upcoming iPad will be announcing a new 9.7-inch tablet under the ?Pro? line. The next generation iPad Pro will come in 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch models and will supposedly feature an A9X processor and RAM upgrade. 9to5Mac reported that it will support Apple Pencil and have a Smart Connector port that will be able to attach an Apple smart Keyboard.

The new iPad Pro was previously set to launch at the Apple event last March together with the iPhone 5se and new Apple Watch band options but it could be a while before Apple reveals any official details concerning a new version of the iPad Pro model.

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