iPad Air 2 & iPad 6: Coming Soon?

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iPad Air 2 & iPad 6: ?Coming Soon?


Since the iPad Air was only released recently, you would think that rumors of a new iPad would be given a rest.

Don’t hold your breath on that thought as a number of rumors and leaked photographs have surfaced about the possibility of a new iPad coming out soon.

The funny thing is (or not, since we are talking about Apple gossip), the rumors cannot even pinpoint what to call the next iPad that is supposed to be hitting the market soon.


Technically, a new iPad will be the 6th generation in full sized display iPads (we are making this clear to stop any smart alecks from including the iPad Mini in this discussion).

However, with the introduction of the iPad Air, a monkey wrench has been thrown into the ?iPad naming? sequence that we have all followed these past years.

With the iPhone, we have been used to the number and a ?s? added to identify the next generation iPhone (iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s….get it).


With the iPad, we were treated to a much more straightforward naming progression with the device simply called the iPad leaving the consumers to call it the iPad 1, 2, 3 & 4.

With the iPad Air, do we now call the latest iPad the iPad 6, or the iPad 5?

If it contains the same specs as the iPad Air, do we call it the iPad Air 2?


Another question, of course, is whether there is even a semblance of ?truth? to the rumors since the iPad Air is still so new in the market.

This is not an impossibility as Apple has shown that it can release devices very fast as when it launched the iPad 4 immediately after the release of the iPad 3 with only very minor improvements.

An iPad Air 2 (or iPad 6) may just be a clone of the iPad Air with some small adjustments like the much speculated fingerprint sensor ?Touch ID?.

Another rumor circulating ?around the water cooler? is an iPad that comes with a larger display than the iPad Air. News reports indicate that a 12.9 inch display has been sighted in the factories of manufacturers, and this has created a buzz with the possibility that this will be a feature of a coming iPad.


Ms. Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at IHS, an international media company that serves major tech companies, says that ?Some manufacturers over the last six months have received sample quantities of a larger panel…….They’re playing around with a product that could possibly be an iPad-related product. Various sizes are being reported, with 12.85 inches being one of the sizes.?

She added however that the minimal quantities reported does not suggest or indicate a product launch. She explains that ?We have not seen volume shipments yet of any panels…..We have to get a lot further down the line in terms of seeing really strong indicators from?Apple?that such a product exists, and we’re just not at that point.?

So will we see a new iPad soon?

What will it be called? iPad Air 2 or iPad 6?

Or if we follow the MacBook product development scenario, will we see an iPad Pro soon?

As usual, only Apple will know for sure.

Meanwhile, let our imagination fly with this iPad 6 concept video:

Video: (Troy D / YouTube)

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