iPad 2 is Ready to Retire, Says Apple

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Apple may be retiring the three ? year old iPad 2 anytime soon. The tablet has already outlived two advanced models and dodged negative comments on its non ? Retina display. Unfortunately, the time has come for the iPad 2 to sleep forever. The AppleInsider heard from sources that the iPad 2 is heading to an official discontinuation.

iPad 2 at $399

According to sources familiar with Apple?s plans, the iPad 2 will be put to a halt as consumers are already looking forward to the more advanced iPads (iPad Mini and iPad Air). The iPad 2 was first launched in 2011 and became a hit. A year later, its third generation came out with Retina display. However, Apple continued to sell the second generation at a lower price point of $399. Even with the iPad Air out, the old iPad model continued to live on.

The Coming of iPad Mini

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Apple released a new model last fall that costs the same as the old iPad 2. The iPad Mini has caught the attention of consumers with better features (it has Retina display), putting a lot of pressure on the old iPad model. KGI Securities Analyst Ming ? Chi Kuo said last November that Apple will only ship 0.3 million units of iPad 2 this quarter. For him, it means the old iPad is finally nearing its end.

The success of the iPad 2 is commendable, surviving three years on the market with the company?s newest (and more advanced) models. There was a study published the previous year that considers the said iPad model as the country?s most popular table.

Is Apple Finally Pulling the Plug?

For tech giants, the iPad 2 surviving three years is like getting over the stone and ice ages. There is no definite reason why Apple is rumored to be stopping the release of iPad 2 models. This granny model has received great feedbacks through the years, and laying it to rest soon will trigger intriquing questions. Why? Because when a tech company kills one of its products, it just means that something more interesting is coming out soon. Will this be the iOS 8? We just have to wait and see.


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