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iOS9 Features That Make The New OS Standout: Here?s What To Check Now

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While there might be a lot of similar looking mobile devices which also has the same specs, the Operating System is what sets the phones apart and Apple?s iOS is the one of the most different feeling OS in the competition. Techies were wowed by the available iOS9 features and people can now download the new Apple OS as it was officially released just last week. The upcoming iPhone 6s will be arriving this week and it?ll be equipped with Apple?s iOS9. Here are the best iOS9 features that you should utilize:

Text Replacement

This feature enables you to become faster in typing commonly used phrases or even sentences. You can also setup the phrase or sentences that you want to appear. To turn-on text replacement, go to settings > general > keyboard > text replacement.

Phone Number Lookup

?Frustrated from failing to answer phone calls and not knowing who the caller was? Fret no more because iOS9 has a Phone Number Lookup which helps you know who might be calling/ has called you.

Settings Search Menu

Struggling to find what you?re looking for in the settings menu? The new Apple OS has a search menu that lets you search for what you want in the settings menu. This iOS9 feature also helps you refrain from going from one screen to another as you can just search for something you want and get there straight in a single tap.

Hide Your Photos

Always wanted to lend your Apple device to others but you couldn?t because you don?t want them to see your photos? Those days are long gone as you can now hide your photos. To do this, go to camera roll > select > and then choose all the photos you wish to hide. After doing this, tap Share Sheet > Hide

Quick Photo Selection

Apple really wants its users to have as less button pressing on their devices as possible. There?s no need for you to press each photo you want to select. After tapping the first photo, just hold your finger on the screen and drag your finger to the photos you want to select.

Have you already used these features? Here are some more features you may not know you can do with your i0S9 courtesy of Apple Tech Spot:

  • Plugging different headphones will make your phone suggest a different music application
  • Inserting documents in Mail App is now easier. Tap and hold on the Mail app, click mail attachment, and you?ll be brought to your iCloud drive.
  • Zooming in videos ca now be activated by just pinching in and pinching out of your device.
  • There is now a Siri dedicated button in the Spotlight search. This is handy so you can easily activate your assistant.
  • Low Power Mode actually helps boost your battery life by up to four hours more.
  • Swiping down immediately accesses your keyboard so you can easily pop-up the search button. This is useful when you?re struggling to click the search button because you?re only holding the phone with one hand.

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Image Source: Apple

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