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iOS Apps That Makes Life A Breeze To Live

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iOS Apps
iOS Apps

In life, the older we get, the more tedious things get. More chores to attend to and less time to play. Fortunately enough, technology is here to help us, and with the proper apps for your iOS device, life can be actually easier than you think.

  • 30/30 ? An extremely useful app. It is another one of those time management/organizer apps indeed, but this one may be one of the most unique of them all. You can set a task that you can perform within 30 minutes, then take a 30 minute break. The app lets you track the time spent with your activities, which in turn, instantly transforms you into a very organized individual and stay on track with all of the stuff going on.
  • InstasizeWe?re a bit skeptical about including this app, but heck, Instagram has been one of the most popular apps around. Having the ability to easily resize your photos for Instagram or any other similar application, is ?a breeze with this app. It also has various borders and filters which can stylize your photos even more.
  • Pocket ? Possibly, one of the more useful apps in this list. It allows you to save links or articles you find online, and read them later, even without wifi connection. It also automatically syncs with all your available devices, so you can virtually read anything you fancy on the go.
  • 60 fps Camera ? This app is more useful for video enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their iPhone 5 or newer iOS-powered smartphones. It simply does what its title says. You get to shoot crisp 60 frames-per-second videos with it. No need to bring your camcorder with you if you can do these with your mere iPhone.
  • AfterFocus ? Another photography-related app. This app can potentially replace a DSLR camera if it is in the right hands. It allows you to easily blur out the background of any photo taken with the app, or any photo in your existing gallery. This can produce a DSLR-quality image, where the background is blurred out, putting the emphasis on the main subject.

Still, there are tons of useful iOS apps out there which we haven?t been able to list down here. If you know some cool apps, share it with us too, and let us know what you think!

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