” iOS / Android ” App Lets You Cook While You Are Away Using The Mellow Cooking Robot

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iOS and Android App Lets You Cook While You Are Away Using The Mellow Cooking Robot

Mellow, a unique Kitchen Robot that cooks and can be controlled by an iOS or Android smartphone. The device takes commands to cook customized meals while owners are someplace else.

The ?internetization? of our life is turning our very homes into one big smart device. Many gadgets in our household, like lighting systems, doors and gates, temperature control devices, and many others, are controlled via apps in our smartphones.

One thing that could not be controlled, however, by any smartphone, is a home cooked ?hot? meal. People who want that customized evening dinner, need to rush home in order to thaw and defrost the meats or fish, mix in the right seasoning, and cook it the right way while monitoring the oven or range temperature.

FNV Labs of Portugal is attempting to change all this, by introducing the ?Mellow? and turning our kitchen into one smart cooking device.

The Mellow is a unique kind of kitchen ?robot? that is connected to our smartphones ( iOS or Android), enabling us to cook our food when and how we want it, while we are busy at work or while playing golf.

How does the Mellow cook according to our preferences?

The Mellow is a smart Sous ? vide cooking machine (Wikipedia defines sous-vide as : (/su??vi?d/; French for “under vacuum”, is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath or in a temperature-controlled steam environment for longer than normal cooking times. The intention is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and retain moisture.?).

All we need to do, according to FNV Labs, is to place the food we want to cook in a plastic bag and then inside the Mellow’s water filled container.

The food can be loaded the moment we wake up before leaving for work, without any fear of it spoiling, as the water container keeps the food refrigerated until we tell the Mellow to start cooking.

The Mellow automatically calculates the weight of the food to determine how long the food needs cooking. When we give our commands to the Mellow via our iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the Mellow follows the cooking instructions (what it is cooking and how we like it prepared), and what time we want the food to be ready.

The Mellow is equipped to whip up a good number of dishes ? boiled veggies, poached eggs, and even cooking meat.

The Mellow is also a ?learning? robot, as it remembers and learns our ?taste? and preferences, and also accepts specific settings and instructions for future meals.

To know more about the Mellow, do watch the video below from FNV Labs / YouTube:


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Mellow is now available for pre-order for US$ 400 dollars. To place an order, do visit or contact them at the links below:

Mellow Website:
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