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?iOS 9 Release? Download Errors: New Apple OS Launch Not As Smooth As Expected, Here?s Why

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Instead of having experienced the new and improved features of the iOS 9, Apple users apparently encountered problems and received headaches when they tried to download the new operating system. Recent reports indicated that a number of iPhone and iPad users came across with a recurrent message error that said: ?Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 9,? shared by ZDNet.

Tim Cook and the Apple crew may be in for a shock because it?s still isn?t clear what?s behind the problem causing the update error. But according to ZDNet, they speculated that ?it has something to do with the update servers being slammed.? The problem only seems to have an effect on Apple users who tried to download iOS 9 over-the-air (OTA) and those who upgraded via iTunes didn?t seem to be affected, posted by ZDNet.

If you haven?t checked out the in-and-out of the new iOS 9, one feature that Apple has included in the new operating system is the spotlight search. This new update will let you take note of the applications that you frequently use and will give you more definite suggestions, which is based on the amount of data the device has collected. For more information about the new features of the iOS 9, click here.

The technology company giant has also recently delayed the release of the watchOS2, a new operating system for the Apple Watch, because they found a bug which is still yet to be fixed. According to NBC News, the watchOS2 was supposed to launch to the public on Wednesday, but instead will be released ?shortly,? stating no exact date of re-launch.

Apple apparently encountered this problem before, according to ZDNet. During the iOS 9 public beta, a number of users also came across with the error message, though no one had an idea what was behind it. Click here for those who want to download iOS 9 through iTunes.

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