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iOS 9 Release Date Tomorrow? Don?t Miss These New Features!

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Apple has announced that their impressive iOS 9 will be released this Wednesday, September 16. The new operating system from Apple will highlight some new and improved features that will refine your mobile experience. With that in mind, we want to prepare you for the exciting new features that Apple has in store for you.


Generally, if your Apple device is running on iOS 8, then it is capable of running on iOS 9. If you want to check out the version of iOS you currently have right now, run the ?Settings? app, go to ?General? and then tap on ?About,? there you can look at the number on the ?Version? line and check what iOS you?re running, shared by CNet.

Check out this list of compatible devices from Apple if you really want to be sure:

Photo from Apple

Photo from Apple

Spotlight Search

The new iOS 9 from Apple will also feature spotlight searching which lets you take note of the applications that you frequently use and will give you more definite suggestions; based on the amount of data the device has collected, according to Extreme Tech. It will also include search results based on your location like sports scores, and weather forecasts.


Now, you will be able to make phone calls with Wi-Fi and reduce the costs of your mobile carrier charges. Phone calls which will now be supported by Wi-Fi lets you save battery and create clearer connections when making calls. And with the help of the new ?low power mode,? your device will be able to save three additional hours for your convenience, shared by Neuro Gadget.

Additional features include a new font for the operating system that will be replacing the old Helvetica Neue font, which is the fresh San Francisco font, according to Neuro Gadget. The new iOS 9 will only require 1.3GB of memory.

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