iOS 9 Apple Beta Bad Reviews Censored

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Beta Testers using iOS 9 will no longer be able to rate and review Apple Apps as the feature was blocked after numerous bad reviews plagued Apple developers.

The iOS 9 Apple beta was made available recently and numerous users have reported that certain apps fail to work well or doesn?t even run at all on their device. This has caused certain applications of Apple to plummet in rating as they were filled with negative reviews from iOS 9 beta users.

Numerous iOS 9 Apple beta users failed to consider that not all apps have been designed for iOS 9. App developers however are unable to fix the problems associated by the beta users as they are only allowed to update iOS 8. Even if a lot of apps work perfectly fine for Apple devices, the rating of their apps were dragged down by the unfairly written reviews of iOS 9 Apple beta users, a report said.

As there was no turnaround to the problem, Apple has decided to completely block iOS 9 Apple beta users from writing reviews. If they attempt to write a review, they are prompted with an error message: ?This feature isn?t available. You can?t write reviews while using a prerelease version of iOS.?

Take note that all applications can no longer be reviewed if you use an Apple with iOS 9.? This means that even if you intend to write a positive review, Apple will prevent you from doing so. However, even if writing reviews for iOS 9 has already been blocked, the reviews posted remain on the App Store.

The iOS 9 Apple beta marks the first time that the company has released its beta to the public as they only introduce their newest OS to developers. The iOS 9 Apple beta has introduced numerous functionalities and improvements to make your Apple device more optimized.

The iOS 9 Apple beta will continuously be updated before its public release this fall.

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