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iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Release Available Now; Major iOS 10 Launch Expected

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Apple device users will be delighted by this latest update from Pangu as the site mentioned that the jailbreak for iOS 9.3 is already available. However, it was clarified that the one available is just a partial version of the jailbreak and not the full functional one.

Recently, Apple released iOS 9.3.2 beta version to developers. According to Pangu, it would fix security issues of the iOS 9.3.1 version. The iOS 9.3.2 version will be released to the public soon but before that, the site has already released the unofficial version of the jailbreak for the previous versions of iOS.

The Semi Jailbreak version 1.2 is compatible with iOS 9.3 and 9.3.1. The process is going to be risk-free and it is a reversible process. To Jailbreak your iOS versions, follow these steps as given by Pangu:

  • Visit this web page from your iOS device. Your iOS version must be iOS 9.3/9.3.1.
  • Tap the iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak button (Semi Jailbreak process for iOS 9.3/9.3.1.
  • It checks your system compatibility. You can continue if you are iOS 9.3 or 9.3.1 user.
  • Click the Agree button to start the Semi Jailbreak process.
  • You can install the Semi Jailbreak app after the process. Please wait until Semi Jailbreak app install menu appear.
  • Tap the ?install? link (above – right side corner) to install the Semi Jailbreak app.
  • You can use this Semi Jailbreak app to install the Cydia and more App stores.

Furthermore, Pangu also noted that Pangu 9 beta Jailbreak will soon be available to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.2 beta, which recently has been released for developers. According to the site, the upcoming tool will also be compatible with iOS 9.3.1 and 9.3.

Meanwhile, there are rumors stating that a new mobile operating system, iOS 10, is already in the works for apple. Although there is still no information about the system, Mac Rumors mentioned that it could include design changes and refinements because there is no significant update to the look of iOS since iOS 7 was introduced in 2013. The system is expected to be released alongside the new iPhone 7 come this fall.

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