iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Release Imminent As Team Pangu iOS 10 Jailbreak Successfully

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iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak
iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak

Jailbreaking is not dead afterall. Though it?s been actually quite awhile since the jailbreak community has seen a new jailbreak (JB) tool for Apple?s mobile operating system, that will seemingly change soon as an iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak tool is expected to released in the coming week.

With the MOSEC 2016 event in Shanghai recently concluded, those present at the event have indicated that the new iOS 9.3.2 JB tool is coming soon and will ?hit within the week.?

The event was as usual co-hosted by the Pangu jailbreaking team who often sheds light on the latest jailbreaking techniques. In the recent event, there was a lot of focus on the?iOS 10, which is due for release later this year. But when one of the members of the audience asked about the possibility of a jailbreak tool for iOS 9.3.2, the Pangu team indicated that they will release the tool soon.

This led to rumors about the new jailbreak tool going out this week. But one still needs to take this news with a pinch of salt. Several reports have indicated that team Pangu didn?t mention anything about an iOS 9.3.2 JB tool other than pointing out some privacy issues plaguing the updated iOS.

Indeed, one member of the jailbreaking community, Vangelis, organizer of the POC and MOSEC meetings, clarified that team Pangu just showcased a privacy problem with the iOS 9.3.2. He denied rumors of a jailbreak tool coming out this week and even added that he wasn?t sure if the team had made any inroads into jailbreaking iOS 9.3.2.

With Apple indicating plans to update devices to the new iOS 9.3.3 with the company already testing fourth beta, the rumors do seem false. The hackers surely won?t be focusing on iOS 9.3.2 since timeframe for this update will be quite short once the iOS 9.3.3 lands. And, the iOS 10 is also already in testing phase.

However, there is still an exciting news for the jailbreaking community as team Pangu demonstrated a jailbroken iOS 10 iPhone running Cydia smoothly. This means that once Apple updates the iPhones and iPads to the latest iOS 10, the jailbreaking community would be able to hack and access the full capabilities of their Apple mobile devices. But not all devices will be able to support the iOS 10. You can confirm here whether your Apple device could be upgraded to iOS 10.

For now, jailbreaking fans who are still interested in a JB tool for iOS 9.3.2 will need to keep in mind not to upgrade to iOS 9.3.3 which Apple has released a fourth beta for developer testing. In case they update, they won?t be able to downgrade to the older version as Apple usually ends digital signing of older versions sooner than it used to in past.

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