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iOS 8 Will Bring Split Screen Multitasking to Apple iPad, Rumors Say

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Managing our time well is one the things that a lot of us would love to master in order to do a lot of work in a day. And multitasking has always been our way when we want to do more with less time to do them. Now, rumors are saying that iOS 8 will bring split screen multitasking feature to Apple iPad to help users to do more things at a time.

We?ve heard much about this feature and just recently, reports said that the alleged multitasking feature on the iPad will allow users to use two (2) applications at once – side by side on the iPad display.

Isn?t that great news?

The multitasking feature is alleged to allow two (2) iPad apps to run and be used at the same time as the feature is designed to help make apps interact easily. Reports said that developers are doing their best to design applications that can interact with each other. With this, opinions and comments of Apple watchers said that maybe Apple is finally ready to enable ?XPC? support in iOS (or improved inter-app communication) that would allow developers to design App Store apps that has the ability to share content.

Aside from the multitasking feature for the iPad, iOS 8 is rumored to offer a number of exciting and helpful applications like the Healthbook for the iPhone. This application is said to help iPhone users to monitor their own medical/fitness records as the application could track health details such as blood data, calorie intake, sleep cycles, weight changes, and a lot more.


Moreover, reports said that Apple is interested in making a number of improvements to iCloud?s infrastructure and iOS applications, public transit routing feature, speed and performance enhancements, and user-interface refinements in iOS 8.

Apple is set to officially unveil the iOS 8 and the redesigned version of the Mac operating system on June 2 at a keynote address.

The alleged multitasking feature in Apple iOS 8 is said to be designed for the 9.7 inch iPad Air plus it was said that the feature will only work in landscape mode.

It could be remembered that the split-screen or the multitasking feature for is a long time request by iPad fans and in fact, some designers have already made their version of the user-interfaces, while others have made videos suggesting how they would want the alleged feature to work.

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