iOS 8 Will Bring Saved Passwords In Safari To 3rd Party Apps and Vice Versa

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iOS 8 Will Bring Saved Passwords In Safari To 3rd Party Apps and Vice Versa

There are so many things that Apple fans are excited about regarding the iOS 8, that it would be too lengthy to discuss them all in one post. One thing, however, that deserves mention, is a feature that solves a problem that plagues all of us ? remembering passwords. With iOS 8, passwords we have saved in Safari are automatically brought to 3rd party iDevice apps, and vice versa.

Most apps we use in our iPhones and iPads, have a web app or site that we use if we are working on our Macbooks or Mac desktops, via the Safari browser. With Safari, the keychain tool allows us to save passwords and automatically fill them in everytime we log on. However, we normally have to type in the username and passwords if we log on to the corresponding apps in our iPhone and iPad.

With iOS 8, Apple is reported to add a feature that will allow mobile apps to tap into the Safari login info, and automatically enter it in the username and password spaces, in the mobile apps. This will definitely make it easier for iDevice users to log in to their apps, without worrying about entering the wrong password or username.

The automatic loading of the log in data will rely on the AutoFill and Passwords system used in Safari, according to tech site, 9to5Mac. The site added that the new feature in iOS 8 is part of Apple’s design to equalize the operating systems in use for Apple devices, mainly the iOS and OS X. With this parity, Safari credentials are easily transferred to 3rd party apps, and will even work the other way. Usernames and passwords used in 3rd party apps, can also be accessed when users log on via the Safari web browser.

How did Apple make this work?

The AutoFill and Passwords system of Safari is synced with iCloud, and via this Apple cloud service, mobile devices can access the Safari credentials for 3rd party apps, in various iOS gadgets. The data stored in iOS devices are similarly stored in iCloud, and easily accessed by Safari.

For 3rd party apps, Apple has already provided the opportunity with iOS 8, but it is still up to the developers to take advantage of this feature. A crucial element to make this feature work, is to link up their mobile apps with the sites that are accessed by the Safari browser.

Analysts see this development as not only an added benefit for those who have difficulty in remembering their passwords, but also a way for Apple to boost usage of the Safari browser (even for Mac users, it seems that Chrome and Firefox are still the preferred browsers).

It will also mean that app developers will make sure that their sites would be fully compatible with the Safari browser to ensure that the feature will work.

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