iOS 8: Top 5 Possible Changes Coming to iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2

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iOS 8 on iPhone 6

iOS 8 on iPhone 6












The release of iOS 7 was dubbed ?the biggest change since iPhone? by CEO Tim Cook and it actually was. It sported an entirely redesigned interface and a host of new features.

Rumors about iOS 8, however, are already churning around the internet and one sure change that this update is leaning to is ?the revamp of its native Maps application. Healthbook app also seems to be ?an app that is going to be included with the future update.

Still, there are lots of features that people are yearning for with this update and perhaps with enough consumers voicing this out, it would actually ?materialize. These kind of things made way to a number of changes in iOS 7. Things that were only possible with a Jailbroken iDevice became available due to their high demand.

1. Changing Default Apps for certain tasks

Everybody must have wanted this because Apple?s default built-in apps for handling tasks like browsing, emails, audio player, maps, etc., ?are not everybody?s cup of tea. This could be a big head turner and though a little late (because Android already has this feature for a very long time), people will find this feature very useful and convenient.

2. Guest User Account

This could be a useful feature for those who are a bit low on budget to get another handset for let?s say, their kids or other family members who share the same phone. Not every person wants to share everything in their phone with other people however and a separate user account might come in handy.


Yes. Multitasking is already possible with previous versions of iOS firmwares but it would be better if you can actually see them both at the same time and use them as you normally would. This feature has already been introduced with the previous iterations of Samsung S series and it won?t hurt if Apple actually takes the cue from it.

4. Group Video on FaceTime

iOS 7 already made an improvement to FaceTime with audio-only calling. This will certainly take a wee bit of the spotlight away from the world?s most popular messaging app ?Skype?. It would be much better if in the IOS 8 update, group calls would be made possible. Adding this feature would certainly blow away Skype in large chunks.

5. Option Save in PDF format instead of being forced to Print

Not all people use the print function on the iPhone/iPad. In fact, very few do. It would be a very nice to have this option especially for business customers who constantly work with their iPads. A lot of people would benefit from this if it is included with iOS 8.

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