iOS 8 concept video unveils what the Apple iOS 8 Can Offer Us

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Rumors and leaks of the upcoming Apple iOS 8 have been reported, and captured the eyes of the industry watchers and users.

The latest of these reports came out just a few days ago which hit a thousand views from the avid fans of Apple.

Using their creative juices in putting together tips and leaks available now, one of the news websites ? the Tech Radar – features what the iOS 8 would look like via a concept video.

The news site?s rendition showed a much bigger Apple iPhone model that comes with a large display that meets the demands of many smartphone users.

It has the Healthbook feature which is considered one of the major iOS 8 applications. As described from the previous reports, this Healthbook app looks like the Passbook app when it comes to design. Healthbook features different and color-coded categories which could help the user track data such as bloodwork, heart rate, hydration, blood pressure, activity, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and even weight.

Leaksters said, iOS 8 would sync with the iWatch so that users would be able to monitor several other pieces of health and fitness data. With the Apple iOS 8, its user would be reminded of their medications as it is expected to be integrated to iOS?s existing ?Reminders? application. Said sections on the Healthbook app can also be rearranged depending on the preferences of its user.

Moreover, one would notice that in the concept video, the Apple device lacks a Touch ID-enabled Home button. Included also in the presented video are the Preview, TextEdit and Tips features which are also part of the rumors reported months ago. Furthermore, the rumored Sharam song discovery feature is also present in the rendition.

Other apps are the Wi-Fi-based CarPlay support, DriveMode, iOS 8 notifications apps.

The video is accompanied by the following statement: “iOS 8 is coming. With a host of new features tipped, including alleged support for an iWatch, could Apple be set to reveal an OS perfectly tailored for the iPhone 6?”

For those who have not seen it yet, watch this.

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While this is just an unconfirmed report, Apple is set to unveil iOS 8 in June at WWDC 2014.

(Photo courtesy of http://www.apple.com/ios/design/)

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