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iOS 8.3 Officially Released: Brings Racially Diverse Emojis, Wireless CarPlay

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Apple has publicly released iOS 8.3 for all devices capable of running iOS 8. Here’s everything you need to know about the new version.

Hot on the heels of OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 update, Apple has made the latest iOS 8.3 version available for iPhones and iPads. The new firmware is a fairly substantial one and brings along various upgrades in performance, bug fixes, and new features to the company?s proprietary mobile platform.

New entries in the emoji keyboard

The iOS 8.3 update is now available via iTunes or over-the-air update by heading to your device?s Settings app. The first part of the OS that?s worth noting is the new emoji keyboard. This updated feature has two sides to it. The first is that Apple has overhauled the on-screen keyboard?s emoji section to better fit with the overall design principles of iOS. The other part is the inclusion of more than 300 new emojis, with an emphasis on providing diversity for emoji characters. Once you installed the update, you may notice that certain emojis on the keyboard can be long pressed. Doing so will reveal a menu with several different settings for altering these small icons? hair and skin color.

Performance improvements

If you own older Apple mobile devices, you?ll see that the most noticeable fixes are the performance improvements. The Cupertino-based tech giant claims that it has improved the speed of app responsiveness and launch times. There are also specific enhancements on various interface functionalities such as third-party keyboards, keyboard shortcuts, Control Center, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Wireless CarPlay

Within the Settings menu, a new CarPlay section has been included to make it easier for you to set up said feature wirelessly. Owners of cars that support CarPlay can now press and hold the voice-control button the the steering wheel to fire up the CarPlay setup process.

Tons of bug fixes and improvements

All of the other fixes touch everything from Wi-Fi and Messages app problems to Safari tabs, orientation & rotation bugs, Family Sharing and Accessibility issues. Moreover, iOS 8.3 finally takes the iCloud Photo Library out of beta phase. Even though it was a key feature of iOS 8, iCloud Photo Library had been officially designed as a beta since iOS 8?s launch in 2014.

However, folks from tech site AnandTech observes that there?s one area that is notably absent from the list of improvements–the Music app. The site mentioned that this major iOS feature continues to manifest serious issues with scrolling performance. It can be noticed ?in both the cover flow view and list view even on Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad models.

If you want to browse through the complete list of updated features and bug fixes, head over to the official iOS 8.3 changelog here.


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