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iOS 8.3 Beta Update : Easy Spam Reporting Feature, Emojis, Siri, iTunes Password and Keyboard Improvements

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Apple’s latest iOS 8.3 test version offers an automatic spam reporting function right from the SMS conversation thread. Find out about other new features.

The Cupertino-based tech giant recently released iOS 8.3 to select users. It is the updated beta version of their proprietary mobile operating system that is meant to address known issues and bring along new features. It could also give us a glimpse on how iOS 9 could be.

A useful feature discovered by AppleInsider?in the latest iOS 8.3 beta reportedly allows users to easily report spam content in the Messages application. This functionality effectively saves you from Apple?s previously arduous process of spam reporting.

Automatic spam reporting

This beta release aims to target advanced users and developers who would want to improve the existing iOS experience and develop their own applications by reporting bugs or fixes using the tools provided by Apple including the Instruments Analysis Tool and Xcode IDE. They can be found here and if you want to participate in this testing, you can do so by following this nifty tutorial given by Lifehacker.

Once you installed this new OS, you may notice that the updated Messages app now displays a ?Report Junk? link in certain conversation thread. That link appears particularly in those threads whose messages came from a user that?s not in your Contacts list. When you tap on the link, it will give you the option to delete the message and report it to Apple as spam simultaneously.

This is apparently a good move by the company since it?s easier to just block unwanted texts or iMessages. Previously, Apple requires you to go to its supports pages and undergo the convoluted process of reporting spam that involves entering an email address or phone number, a screenshot, date & time, and more.

Other iOS 8.3 features you can expect

Aside from this efficient junk message reporting, testers who already have their hands on the iOS 8.3 beta shares that it comes with several bug fixes and awesome new features. Here are some of the most notable.


One of the main issues that iOS 8.3 is tackling has something to do with emoji. Once the full version of the OS is released, you can expect that it will become very easy to go through the huge list of emojis by using the keyboard instead of the typical paginated structure. It will also be possible to edit an emoji thanks to the different skin tones available in the ?people?s emoji? option.


iOS 8.3 offers some handy Siri improvements; once installed, you may can now ask Siri to initiate calls or download free applications without having to input your iTunes password. Apple?s virtual assistant will be updated with more accents and pronunciations. Siri will now support additional languages such as Danish, Dutch, English (for Indian users), Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish.


When iOS 8.3 runs your iPhone or iPad, you can expect less typos that were common in past iOS versions. Previously, users would accidentally press the period key instead of the space bar. However, this concern has been taken care of in the beta release as users can now observe that the space bar is slightly enlarged and the period key is shortened. Keyboard issues with the Safari browser (e.g. third-party keyboard compatibility and Safari suddenly becoming white when used in landscape mode) have also reportedly been fixed.


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