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iOS 8.2 Update Contains Two Annoying Issues: WiFried and Apple Watch Companion App

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Image source Wikimedia Commons By Apple, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

iOS 8.2 may be great and all that but sadly, there are these two annoying issues that user must take note before updating their iPhone 5 or iPhone 6

When an update rolls in for the operating system (or OS) of your device, the first thing will probably come to mind is the numerous bugs and issues fixes?from the previous?version. However, for the upcoming iOS 8.2, looks like there are still quite a few issues present here that will certainly make you disappointed.

Two issues for the iOS 8.2 update that you must take note before considering an upgrade to your operating system


The first one is the WiFried. According to Forbes, this headache inducing issue is still present in the latest iOS 8.2 update.

The bug will basically degrade your wireless system and can sometimes render that system entirely useless. It was reported there that the WiFried is one of the most known issues in the most recent update?and ever before this one. On the Apple?s official support community forum, this issue had already gained 646,000 views (possibly more) and almost nearly 2,000 replies for a single thread.

If you think that?s already bad wait till you hear more. Added on that report, there is also this issue with the WiFried that severely drains your battery. Even if your phone is fully charged, because of WiFried, your battery life will only last for a couple of hours like let?s say 4 to 6 hours.

Apple Watch companion app forced installation:

The second irritating issue that an iPhone user must face when they upgrade their device into the latest iOS 8.2 is the forced installation of the Apple Watch companion app.

On that same report from Forbes, it was stated there that iOS also has numerous apps that you can?t uninstall. However, the mysterious part of it is the fact that, the Apple Watch companion app was not included to that list of non-removable apps.

This is obviously a marketing campaign of Apple but unlike their other strategy; this one is a bit unethical. Mysteriously and forced installation of an app for a device you don?t actually have or need is a bit over the top.

Image source?Wikimedia Commons

By Apple, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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