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iOS 7 Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About Yet

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iOS 7

iOS Version 7 for iPhone/iPad

iOS 7 has been around for quite a while and some find it very radical in terms of design. Surely, it is the most user-friendly version of iOS to grace its iDevice users.

But it still has some other features that are not too ?obvious? and most of these are extremely useful for certain scenarios.? For unaware or new users of their iDevices, here are some nifty little tricks that can make life with your smartphone/tablet a little easier.

  1. Burst Mode for default Camera: Yes. There is actually a burst mode for the built-in camera app in iOS 7. In some devices, you just have press the shutter button quickly, but not all devices have that feature so in order to do it on every device, simply hit the shutter button while holding the volume up button.
  2. Quit Multiple Apps at the same time: Most users already know that they can use iOS?s task manager feature to close down one app at a time by flicking them one by one. You can actually flick them all at the same time (three or four fingers. That is if your fingers fit the screen of your iPhone/iPad)
  3. Selective App Background Refresh: Are you in the middle of playing a game, then suddenly, you have to do something else that requires you to open several apps at a time? Then, once you?re done with the other stuff, when you switch back to the game you left, it is reloading and you?re back to square one? Frustrating isn?t it? In iOS 7, you can control this behavior now by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  4. Siri?s became more ?Sirious? (Serious) with helping you: You already knew that Siri can place phone calls for you. It has been implemented with the previous versions of IOS already, but now, with iOS7, Siri can also handle phone calls for you. ?She can play your voice mail or return your missed call by saying ?Return missed call? or ?Do I have a voicemail?.
  5. FaceTime without the Face: This may sound a bit weird given the app is called “FaceTime” but with the latest iOS version, it allows you to disable video while making calls. You might want to do this from time to time (e.g. you?re sick, haven?t fixed your hair yet, etc). To do this, simply select the contact you want to call on FaceTime and tap the telephone icon.

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